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Discussion in 'Vidahost Suggestions' started by duncehat, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. duncehat New Member

    As a fairly regular user of webmail, I wondered if Vidahost plans to update Roundcube for Cloud users? It's currently running v0.9 which was released in April '13.

    Cpanel hosting (now a second choice behind Cloud) uses the much more recent v1.0.1 with improved features and stability. The latest Roundcube release is actually v1.0.3 (at time of writing).

    Any thoughts?
  2. duncehat New Member

    How's this going then? Any thoughts from anyone at Vidahost?
  3. viper New Member

    I would like this sorted too. I've just had a client move over to me and she said the roundcube was worse than her previous hosting version. I'm surprised Vida haven't replied to this thread, surely there is someone looking at their own forums?
  4. duncehat New Member

    Thanks for the +1 there Viper. Roundcube is now at v1.1.1, so the currently running version 0.9 is now over two years old. Quite a long time in software cycles. Perhaps we take this to a support ticket.
  5. viper New Member

    Go for it!
  6. gravesend46 New Member

    This forum is littered with promises for updates to the admin side of various parts of Cloud, some as old as two or three years, but it has been unchanged since. It was supposed to be a step up from CPanel but, aside from the promised front-end benefits, the interface and some of the admin restrictions of Cloud are almost making me wish I'd stayed with CPanel.
  7. duncehat New Member

    @viper and @gravesend46 Re: Roundcube. I raised a ticket and Adam kindly responded with:-

    Not sure what to make of that but at least there's some promise of an update.
  8. Joshua Quinlan Moderator


    We are aware of this, and are planning an update at some stage in the fairly recent future.

    Let us know if we can help you in any other way. Keep giving your feedback.
  9. Joshua Quinlan Moderator


    We have a big update coming to all of our services soon, including the website.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, however, this is being resolved.

    There will be many more benefits to be seen as soon as this is released in around October-time.
  10. Gareth D New Member

    Any update on when you will be updating Roundcube Webmail? Latest version available is now v1.1.3 and it looks considerably better than your current version which is 0.9.3. I'm a customer from CS New Media and am concerned re migrating my customers across to your Cloud hosting as your current Roundcube mail version looks extremely poor compared to the SmarterMail webmail interface that they are used to.
  11. Joshua Quinlan Moderator

    Sorry for the delay in replying.
    I believe that VH are currently going under a maintenance period for things like this, and this should be sorted soon. Shoot the Marketing Team a message, and I'm sure they'll be happy to help :)
  12. duncehat New Member

    Still nothing happening here by the looks of it. Roundcube is now at stable release v1.2.0. Meaning Cloud customers are left using a version which is now over three years out of date.
  13. gravesend46 New Member

    These forums are abandoned, I emailed Vidahost about an update to the Cloud interface in April and was told:

    "I've checked this with our technical director who is working on this project. We can confirm that we are working on a completely new Cloud File manager. However we do not have a ETA yet, I'm afraid."

    It pretty much seems to me there is nothing at all happening, or what is happening is taking YEARS to develop. Coupled with slower response rates to tickets, I would probably leave Vidahost if their service wasn't just about adequate and it wasn't a hassle to move a lot of sites. Sadly, adequate is all it is these days.
  14. Gareth D New Member

    Yes, after Joshua Quinlan's response above of, Nov 1, 2015 I emailed support and got following response from Adam Smith:
    That was 7 months ago and still no progress.:mad:

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