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Discussion in 'Design services wanted/offered' started by pedro, May 4, 2011.

  1. pedro Member

    The title says it all any stock image sites you'd recommended. Free is best but feel free to suggest any other that you find useful.


  2. websitehandyman Dr of Nonsense

  3. Seb Administrator

  4. Chris Administrator

    Shutterstock or iStockPhoto if you're on a budget. GettyImages if you want to splash the cash!
  5. pedro Member

    Thanks guys!
  6. pedro Member

    Thanks guys! I'm sure I said thanks yesterday but the post is not here.
  7. Max New Member

    price wise i think is probably the best. I was hunting around for some stock images for a client are there prices seem to beat most others.
  8. Sonny Cutting New Member is probably the best. I was half asleep last week and accidentally clicked 300 instead of 25 and they refunded me within 2 hours. Highly impressive.
  9. Dave Burns Member

    I use personally, I used to use iStock but all the images seem to be overused these days :(
  10. websitehandyman Dr of Nonsense

    I manage a fair few websites. Get a bit fed with the fees so looking around the problem as I don't have clients who will pay them.

    I was wondering if any of you flickers would be interested in letting me use some of your images in the future in exchange for link and credit in the footer of any site I use them on. I don't normally use full images as I tend to make a montages or logos or features on front pages or even icons. You can see the sort of thing I would use them on at this site just those front image really as this is my standard template for the next 10-100 basic sites.
  11. Bron New Member

    I use Shutterstock - great images and reasonably priced - I use a lot so every so often do the £149 for a month and download lots.
  12. Sam New Member

  13. Bud New Member

    Depositphotos - pretty much the same stock as Fotolia but a fraction of the cost.
  14. Dan Administrator

    SXC.HU is also an excellent and mostly free Stock photo site, always my first port of call :)
  15. makrin The Happy Snapper.

  16. Jamie Clarke New Member

    Not quite free but may aswell be!!

    Dollar Photo Club
    is 100% worth a quick look (sorry for the affiliate link but won't do any harm ;) )

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