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  1. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    2CheckOut - Sell Online Today With 2Checkout!
    authorizenet - Payment Gateway to Accept Online Payments
    BTClick&Buy - BT ePayments - BT Click&Buy - Product Information
    CCAvenue - CCAvenue :: Merchant Account, Credit Card Processing & Payment Gateway
    CCBill - CCBill Credit Card, Check, Phone Processing and E-Ticketing for online merchants
    CCNow - Merchant account alternative: CCNow
    ClickBank - Digital Products Retailer: Affiliate Program & Sell Online - ClickBank
    Google Checkout -
    Gate2Shop - G2S - Complete online e-commerce Solution
    iBill - iBill - Merchant Payment Processing 1-877-374-2455 or 1-720 748 3111
    iKobo -
    InstaBill - Offshore Merchant Accounts >> You're Approved Worldwide - Instabill
    Jettis - Welcome to Jettis
    Kagi - Welcome to Kagi - E-Commerce for Digital Business
    Moneybookers - - Send Money - Receive Money - Online Payments - Money Transfers
    MultiCards - MultiCards Internet Billing - Credit Card Processing Solutions - Accept credit cards online
    NoChex - Nochex Merchant Accounts: Credit and Debit Card Processing Online
    PartyKey - Merchant Accounts, Instant Online Billing >> Instant Approval -
    Pay-Line - Payline: Payroll Bureau and BACS Service
    Paymate - Paymate: Online payment service - sell online, buy online
    PayPal - Welcome - PayPal
    Paypoint - Online Payments & Merchant Account Services |
    ProPay -
    Sage Pay (Protx) - Sage Pay is the UK and Ireland's leading independent payment service provider - simple online payment systems for businesses of all sizes
    Reg.Net - Reg.Net: e-commerce, subscriptions and shopping cart provider
    RegNow - - Sell Software Online - Electronic Software & Shareware Marketing & Distribution
    RegSoft - Shareware Registration Service - Shopping Cart - Ecommerce - RegSoft
    Share*It - share*it! - a service of digital river
    Skypay - Skypay - Secure Online Payment Gateway, for Online Credit and Debit Card Processing
    SWREG - Ecommerce Provider, Merchant Account, and Paypal Alternative is offered through SWREG
    Verotel - Cookie test error
    PayDirect -
    WorldPay - Online Payment & Credit Card Processing | Merchant Accounts | RBS WorldPay

    Some of these providers are US only. Some the of UK ones Include: Google Checkout, Gate2Shop, Nochex, Paypal, Pay Point, Sage Pay, Skypay and WorldPay.

    How this helps a few people :)
  2. Seb Administrator

    Impressive list!

    What do you guys use? For full merchant processing, we've got experience using Worldpay (rubbish) and Protx/Sagepay extensively. We used Worldpay because a business we took over used them, and they were a nightmare. Every time we needed something doing we'd have to chase them up for weeks, and get transferred from person to person.

    Happy to answer any questions on Sagepay, regulations, merchant bank accounts or general integration if there are any.
  3. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    I have had experience with Gate2Shop. They seem to be a good up coming company. You can integrate their service with most things. They also dont have a monthly fee you simply pay per transaction (you can haggle them down on the percentage.

    Also if you keep nagging they will also wave the setup charge (around £45)

    Somthing to remember though is they like you to keep you account at around £1000 at all times.

    We have also used paypal as another option but not all people like to use paypal :)
  4. fini New Member

    Nice list
  5. aris New Member

    I use paypal - never had a problem really. Some people kick up a fuss, but most people are used to it now. In fact, you don't even need a paypal account to pay with paypal.

    Best thing about it is that there is zero barrier to entry - no merchant account needed, and no monthly fees except for 3.4% of what you charge (at worse, rate gets better the more you process).
  6. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    Has anyone used the Paypal Virtual Terminal Service?

    I think its £20 a month + Fees per transaction. Wanting to know if it will be cheaper than having a normal card terminal?
  7. aris New Member

    Never used it (can't justify it financially at the moment), but one would think that it would work just the same as a card terminal for taking cards over the phone. I believe this also includes Website Payments pro - which means you can accept cards from your website just like any other payment processor.

    The one downside to PayPal is that they charge a flat rate no matter what card is used - whereas standard merchant processors will charge a small flat fee for debit cards.

    For the cost of entry through - nothing touches PayPal. Literally you can start accepting cards for zero cost up front.
  8. websitehandyman Dr of Nonsense

    I use Worldpay and have on and off for about 5 years.

    Never had a problem but you have to strict with them if you want a decent price, currently cheaper the Paypal for me :)
  9. Seb Administrator

    Just to update, I've added this list to Payment Processors for shopping carts and more - Vidahost

    I've added some comments on a couple of the processors. If anybody else has any information they'd like me to include on any of the other payment processors, or to add/counter my descriptions, let me know.
  10. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    Great stuff thanks :)

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