Looking for a Dropbox Alternative?

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by Chrissy Poo, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    Just incase anyone is looking for an alternative to Dropbox take a look at Copy.

    You get 5gb free cloud storage on their free accounts but using the link above you will get an extra 5gb on signup (so 10gb total).

    They have apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android and works pretty much the same as Dropbox.

    Just thought I would share, its free after all :)
  2. Nick Wilmot New Member

    Thanks Chris - it's now 15Gb + 5Gb - even better!
  3. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    No problem! I now have over 650gb of space by referring people from my blog post: Dropbox Alternative

    Looking forward to making it to 1TB :)
  4. Nick Wilmot New Member

    Wow, that's impressive! Well done:)
  5. Chrissy Poo Active Member

  6. AnnKB New Member

    Thanks for the info. Is it more secure than Dropbox?
  7. David Trounce New Member

    Nice, thanks for this. Always looking for more storage space.
  8. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    I don't think its any less secure if that helps.

    Been using for a few months now with no problems. Only thing I would say is Dropbox is integrated into more apps and services but if this is not a deal breaker then give Copy a try :)
  9. AnnKB New Member

    I think I will give Copy a try. I don't keep any 'important' files in there but would like more space than Dropbox provides. I only really use it to be able to open files between a tablet and PC so sounds ideal.Thanks for the tip.
  10. Chrissy Poo Active Member

    No problem, glad to help :)
  11. Joshua Quinlan Moderator

    They're really good - used them before. I would really recommend them.
  12. Mark Member

    Thanks for this Chrissy Poo:)

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